Surf Sports

A proud and successful history in Surf Sports competition

When competing for Maroochydore, club members get the opportunity to test their skills and abilities in the surf against the very best lifesavers from around the world, and there is no greater feeling than competing for the “Black Swan”. These events assist to keep our valuable lifesavers that patrol the historic Maroochydore Beach at peak fitness and their lifesaving skills finely tuned.

Maroochydore Athletes complete in a range of areas

Beach Events
Sprint, relay, beach run + flags.

Craft Events
Board race, board relay, board rescue, single ski, double ski, ski relay, surf race + surf teams.

IRB Events
IRB rescue, team rescue, mass rescue, tube rescue + relay.

Rescue tube race, rescue tube rescue, first aid, champion life saver, champion patrol + rescue & resuscitation

Iron man, Iron woman, Taplin relay + Life saver relay

Surf Boats
Male + female teams

Become an Active Life Saver in our club!

To become a volunteer lifesaver the first award you need to gain is the Bronze Medallion. Once you have gained your Bronze Medallion, active members are then placed onto a patrol roster and are expected to perform voluntary patrols for the Club between September and May.